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 iTzZModdingMachine's v1 mod menu

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PostSubject: iTzZModdingMachine's v1 mod menu   Sun Sep 30, 2012 6:22 pm

Bypass Only

Put this on GPAD0_CM
set gpad_buttonsConfig "asdf"
set Cg_hudchatposition "250 250"
set c "bind button_a vstr 3;say Modz;say Host;say [ ^1Admin ^1];bind dpad_down vstr a"
set 3 "bind button_a statSet 2326 11;say [^011th];say Fast;say Normal;say Kick Players;bind dpad_down vstr 3a;cg_chatheight 4"
set 3a "bind button_a time scale 20.0;say 11th;say [^0Fast];say Normal;say Kick Players;bind dpad_down vstr 3b"
set 3b "bind button_a times cale 1.0;say 11th;say Fast;say [^0Normal];say Kick Players;bind dpad_down vstr 3d"
set 3d "bind button_a vstr 4;say 11th;say Fast;say Normal;say [^0Kick Players];bind
dpad_down vstr 3"
set 4 "kick all"
set e "+actionslot 4;bind button_a +gostand;cg_chatheight 0;r_filmtweakenable 0
bind dpad_left "vstr a;cg_chatHeight 3;r_filmusetweaks 1;r_filmtweakenable 1;r_filmTweakLightTint 0 0 0"
bind dpad_right "vstr e"

Put this on GPAD0_MP
set playlist "7"
set a "bind button_a vstr 1;say [ ^1Modz ^1];say Host;say Admin;bind dpad_down vstr b"
set 1 "bind button_a god;cg_chatHeight 3;say [ ^6God ];say UFO;say Jump/Speed;bind dpad_down vstr 1b"
set 1b "bind button_a ufo;say God;say [ ^6UFO ];say Jump/Speed;bind dpad_down vstr 1c"
set 1c "bind button_a jump_height 999;g_speed 700;say God;say UFO;say [ ^6Jump/Speed ];bind dpad_down vstr 1"
set b "bind button_a vstr 2;say Modz;say [ ^1Host ^1];say Admin;bind dpad_down vstr c"
set 2 "bind button_a fast_restart;cg_chatHeight 4;say [ ^1Restart];say XP1;say XP 2;say Online;bind dpad_down vstr 2a"
set 2a "bind button_a scr_xpscale 550;say Restart;say [ ^1XP1];say XP 2;say Online;bind dpad_down vstr 2b"
set 2b "bind button_a scr_xpscale 3000;say Restart;say XP1;say [ ^1XP];say Online;bind dpad_down vstr 2c"
set 2c "bind button_a vstr j;say Restart;say XP1;say XP 2;say [ ^1Online];bind dpad_down vstr 2
set j "xblive_rankedmatch 1;onlinegame 1"

-God Mode
-XP 1 and 2
-Super Jump @ Super Speed
-Host Menu
-Admin Menu
-Modz Menu
-UFO Mode
-Prestige 11
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iTzZModdingMachine's v1 mod menu
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