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 MUST SEE new Cod4 Mod menu/w prestige ect!

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PostSubject: MUST SEE new Cod4 Mod menu/w prestige ect!   Thu May 10, 2012 9:54 am

Hello everybody , this is my release for my brand new mod menu !: 0

Menu info :

Controls :
Up on Dpad is open the menu :
It opens up a briefcase !
Down on Dpad is close . This also give you all guns aswell ! Smile
Other controls will be shown on screen ! Smile

What its Got on it ! Smile
When you open up the briefcase you will see a load of messages coming up and too sub menus !)
1st menu says Admin menu and 2nd will say other mods ! Smile

Admin Menu :

has 10 prestige and 11th prestige ( You had to do it on split screen )
Big Xp if its doesn't work first time try pressing it again until it does. should be about 1 to 3 more times .
This is good because online you can go up at least 15 lvls in 1 kill Smile
Kick All
Time scale :
Super fast
Super slow
Normal !

Other Mods :

has infections
3rd person
Toggle cartoon vision
god mode
Airstrike and heli

Also your name will be red !Smile

Please do not leach and claim these codes as your own and do not change them because they may not work at all !!

The codes

Please enjoy everyone

bind Dpad_up "vstr 1;cg_chatheight 3;cg_chattime 12000"

set ClanName "^4:)"

set cg_hudchatposition "300 220"

set 1 "take all;give briefcase_bomb_mp;aim_autoaim_debug 1;bind button_x vstr 1a;bind button_a vstr 2a;say ^1Made By TaYloRzModz;say []^3Admin menu;say X^3Other Modz;vstr z"

set 1a "cg_chatheight 6;bind button_x vstr A;bind button_a vstr B;bind button_b vstr C;bind button_y vstr hH;bind BUTTON_RTRIG vstr fF;bind BUTTON_LTRIG vstr bB;say []^210th pres;say X^311th pres;say O^5Big xp;say /\^1Kick all;say R2^6timescale;say L2^2noclip"

set 2a "cg_chatheight 6;bind button_x vstr aA;bind button_a vstr D;bind button_b vstr cC;bind button_y vstr dD;bind BUTTON_RTRIG vstr eE;bind BUTTON_LTRIG vstr gG;say []^2Infections;say X^33rd person;say O^1Toggle cartoon^7;say /\^6God mode;say R2^5airstrike;say L2^4Heli"

bind Dpad_down "take all;give deserteaglegold_mp;give all;cg_chattime 1;aim_autoaim_debug 0;bind button_a +gostand;bind button_x +reaload;bind button_y weapprev;bind button_b gocrouch"


set gpad_buttonsConfig "V"
set party_host "1"
set D "toggle cg_thirdPerson 0 1;^33rd_pers"
set C "fast_restart;scr_xpscale 2417000;^3Big_XP"
set aA "cg_laserforceon 1;g_speed 999;jump_height 999;g_gravity 400;cg_drawFPS 1;party_connectToOthers 0;r_znear 40;vstr iI;^3Infected/ForceHost"
set bB "noclip;^3Noclip"
set cC "toggle r_debugshader 1 2 3 4 0;cg_fov 80;cg_fovscale 1.122;^3Cartoon/promod"
set dD "god;^3God_Mode"
set eE "give airstrike_mp;^4Airstrike"
set fF "toggle timescale 0.5 1 2;^3Timescale"
set gG "give helicopter_mp;^3Heli"
set hH "kick all;^3Kick_all"
set iI "con_minicon 1;con_miniconlines 6;con_minicontime 1200"
set A "statSet 2326 10;^3Pres_10"
set B "statSet 2326 11;^3Pres_11"
set z "^4Welcome_to_TaYloRzModz_Fun_time-lobby;^1Press_Down_to_close;^3Enjoy_Your_stay!;player_sustainammo 1"
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MUST SEE new Cod4 Mod menu/w prestige ect!
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